Warehousing is perhaps one of the most important parts of the entire shipping, logistics, demand & supply chain. Having a reliable and effective warehousing solution is key for any product-based brand- both big and small.

Here are a few benefits out of 100s that make warehousing one of the most important parts of a business’s day-to-day functioning:

• Support for Manufacturing processes

• Improves scalability of the business

• Packing and Tracking of goods

• Helps meet the urgent demand in the market

• Reduces product transportation time to markets

• Makes inventory management easier

Brands and companies often outsource or sub-contract warehousing facilities to manage their product inventories & meet quick-pace demands on time, the kind e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart often face.

With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics being the best warehousing services provider in India, you are ensured smooth and easy shipping, warehousing, and logistics process all day every day. All of our major warehouses are strategically placed in or near port cities to facilitate the fastest and most cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Software enables us and our partners to track every single shipment across our vast network of shipments and warehousing facilities.

All of our warehouses are monitored round-the-clock with centralized IP security systems such as authorized-access locks as well as CCTV cameras. Through EXIM and ODC buffers, we can quicken your consignment, until the ship is scheduled.

Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics offers the following warehousing facilities for their package & container handling locations:

• Open & Closed warehousing available

• DPD (Direct port delivery) facility available

• Insurance & cargo secured area

• Labour available

• 24X7 CCTV camera & security available

• Equipment such as a Reach stacker, Forklift, and Hydras are available

• Own fleet of vehicles

We are undoubtedly the best Warehousing services provider in India which is highly cost-efficient but is highly-customized as per the requirements, needs, and business goals of our clients. We provide seamless management of all logistical end-to-end process from transporting base materials to import-export compliances to secure delivery of the cargo.


Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group excels at managing and operating Reefer containers and Hazardous cargo for a wide range of clientele base. With the latest technology, knowledge, machinery, and tools to handle such cargo, we create the peak-optimal efficiency for your supply chain.
For the shipping, storage, and transportation of hazardous cargos, we are qualified and certified for the shipment of such cargos.