Container Freight Station & CFS Operators Services 

A Container freight station (CFS) is a distribution facility where import and export shipments are consolidated and de-consolidated. Consolidation includes bringing together multiple less-than-container load (LCL)to form a full-container load (FCL) whereas de-consolidation is its reverse. CFS’ are a key component in any supply chain moving Interior Point Intermodal (IPI) Freight.

Freight forwarders are typically the largest users of CFS Companies, but shippers and other third-party logistics service providers also hire them for their customers’ freight. Container freight stations are located near ports and major inland distribution cities.

Container freight stations have the 4 following advantages:

🔸Maintains records of shipments including names of exporter, importer and customs agent and cargo details, origin and destination ports, carrier name, truck number and so on.

🔸Assigns unique identification number to vessels, facilitating easy tracking of cargo and containers.

🔸Decongests ports and terminals.

🔸Provides all the benefits of containerized shipping such as greater cargo security, timely and efficient loading, unloading, stuffing and de-stuffing.