Since the dawn of mankind, we have used land & sea-based transportation to bring goods from across the world.
But in 1911, the world saw the first airplane being able to transport mail and by the 1920s, planes were able to carry large cargo shipments.

There are some key advantages of choosing air freight, which include:

•Fast deliveries:  When time is sensitive, then sea freight such as cargo ships are not the best options. Air freight allows for rapid deliveries of essential goods.

•Safer deliveries:  Air cargo carries a lesser risk of goods getting damaged or the plane experiencing prolonged weather risks. It makes the deliveries safer.

•Connectivity:  With the invention of commercial planes, the number of airports around the world has increased. Whereas, the number of seaports has decreased, making air freight more globally connected than sea freight.

•Emergency:  Air freight makes for a better emergency freight mode, as it allows for perishable items to quickly travel long distances.

Those who prefer sea freight over air freight, argue against air freight’s disadvantages, which are:

•Load capacity:  Air freight is typically able to carry a set amount of cargo without flight and cargo risk.

•Cargo type restrictions:  Some products and goods are usually not allowed on cargo planes. These products include chemicals, flammable goods, gas products, petrol products, and other hazardous goods.

•Cost:  Air freight services are usually costlier than sea freight due to air freight’s higher safety, connectivity & speed.


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