The world has come far in terms of land transportation technologies and methods. In contrast to the thousands of years ago & even a century, we see a huge difference in how we transport goods over land.

Land transportation technology evolved in many stages:

•Hand-pulled planks without wheels

•Hand-pulled carts with wheels

•Animal carriages

•Small wooden boats

• Large wooden ships

• Steam powered trains

• Steam powered ships

• Modern cargo trucks

• Modern sea freight

• Modern cargo trucks and trains

• Modern air freight

Land transportation is an inseparable part of the modern shipping & logistics industry. Anything that we could possible wear, eat or use likely comes because a large cargo truck brought it.
A huge range of products are shipped using trucks, some of them are:

• Apparel

• Fresh farm products

• Meat products

• Industrial goods such as heavy machinery

• Defense equipment

• Consumer goods

• Electronics

• Fragile goods such as antiques and artworks

• Nuclear fuel for power plants

• Chemical goods such as acids, bases and other chemicals

• Construction materials such as rebar, concrete, sand and more

• Emergency supplies such as vaccines, medication and hospital equipment and transportation is the crucial bridge between the shipping dock & the end-user or consumers.


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