Logistics is simply defined as the detailed organization, timing, implementation, course correction, and contingency management of a complex operation with many functioning elements.

Internalized understanding and constant evolution of logistics since around 20,000 BC are one of the core reasons why humanity was able to survive the Ice Age as well as many natural calamities, wars as well evolve their scattered tribal societies into globally advanced ones.

In ancient times, human settlements were scattered among tribes and hunter-gatherer groups where they carried the goods for trading on horses and elephants. This created the foundation stones for the modern-day shipping and logistics industry.

In today’s era, logistics is the life force and fuel of every nation’s function and vitality. It is due to the reason that every item, product, or service we can hold, consume, adorn or use comes due to seamless logistics and transportation for modes such as trucking and railways.

For the modern Indian business and production, logistic solutions in India that efficiently combine land, water, and air logistics form the most critical funnels for their supply chain, whether it be for production or reselling.

With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group, your shipments always reach the destination safely, economically & quickly to untie every supply chain knot that you may encounter. With an expansive network of logistic experts, we create the best logistics and transport plans for the quickest delivery of your valuable good with safety and surety.


Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics is one of the oldest and most trusted shipping and logistics partners for businesses and industries across India. By planning and optimizing every logistical element, we create solutions that fit your business needs.

We are the go-to choice to get the solutions to all your economical and efficient shipping & logistics woes with our logistics services:

• Truck Transportation

• Rail Transportation

• Warehousing

• Customized Transport plans

• Cargo Insurance

• 3PL services

• Intermodal Transport Connectivity

• Door-to-Door transport

• Warehousing

• Global Regulations Compliant

• Easy EXIM and Domestic movements

• Labour law compliant

• Direct Port Delivery (DPD) access

With on-time shipment delivery, virtually no-risk & affordable price points, Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group is the logistics solutions provider in India that tailor-makes roadmaps and resources suited for your business objectives.

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