LCL or ‘Less than Container Load’ is the mode of cargo transportation and shipping used when various maritime ships for cargo loads that cannot fill 20- or 40-foot shipping containers. LCL shipments are consolidated or ‘bundled’ with other companies’ cargo since they don’t fill 20- or 40-foot shipping containers to capacity. LCL consolidation process moves LCL cargo from Inland Container Depot to a pre-designated ‘hub’ under customs seal, usually in domestic containers of various kinds.

How should you choose the best LCL consolidation company?

A robust supply chain hinges on finding the ideal solutions that are effective, economic, efficient, and compliant. All business owners need to know the importance of doing research and weighing the pros and cons before choosing the ideal LCL consolidation company in India.

Why do you need an LCL provider?

The biggest and far-reaching upside to LCL Consolidation is its cost-effective nature. By distributing the cost of cargo containers with other exporters and importers, LCL becomes more economical than FCL (Full Container Load), in which you pay for the entire container rather than only the physical space/volume you use.

Nowadays, LCL is used heavily in conjunction with other ancillary sea and freight services. However, LCL consolidation services can also be used with FCL as well as 3PL logistical services. It creates the best value as well as boosts supply chain efficiency at every step.

The price point of the LCL Container is contingent on the volume of your cargo, instead of its weight. Weight is only a factor when in excess and tucked arriving/leaving the port, which causes logistical problems later on.

Depending on the nature of your cargo and its origin and final destination, it may require additional documents and certifications.

Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics provides India’s best LCL Consolidation services. They tailor-build plans according to the client’s needs, requirements, and business goals.

With 3 warehouses containing terminal containers in Mumbai and 1 warehouse in Surat, it is an added advantage as you ship your cargo safely, store your supply and get your LCL cargos delivered securely. They perform all efficiency-boosting activities including all the necessary measures to pack and store your cargo to avoid environmental as well as in-transit cargo risks.