For a long time in history now sea freight has been done and has been trusted by many happy customers, following this path we introduced our sea cargo service in India to connect the businesses to a world outside in the commerce industry. We started with a thought and built a platform for individual businesses as well as huge manufacturers equally to function better. For over 70 years, we have kept up with the growing standards and demands of our customers.
Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group has built itself along with its customers as a loyal and reliable brand. We at Fulcrum support all businesses to satisfy their customers with the best sea cargo service & tracking in India. Fulcrum aims to connect the Indian commerce industry worldwide and make its global presence available to all the businesses in need of our sea cargo services in India and abroad.

With a wide clientele base, we ship nearly every product you can think of. Generally speaking, sea cargo companies across the world help us access items that we don’t think about too much but it’s essential to a person’s daily needs:

• Salt: World’s largest salt producers are China and the USA from where the rest of the world can fulfill their salt import needs.

• Electricity: The world depends on a few countries’ coals and copper imports to help run their own country’s electric grids.

• Iron: Australia is the largest producer of iron accounting for nearly 38% of the world’s total production.

• Fuel: Nearly every industry across the world needs fuel to provide and produce products for the population, and the global shipping industry helps transport petroleum and other fuels to nearly every country.


Over 70 years of experience, Fulcrum Shipping, and Logistics Group have excelled in the art of 360° solutions for all shipping needs for all types of businesses. From the tiniest to the most humongous consignments, you name it & we got it fulfilled.
Fulcrum has an advanced process to carry out the shipments from one place to another no matter the distance. We keep the Temperature Control in check along with the safety & security of our customers’ goods and their trust in us.

We are highly experienced in every shipping & logistics segments which makes Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group the best sea cargo service in India.