Warehousing services include receiving, unloading, box de-stuffing, unpacking, palletizing, and putting away inward goods, as well as picking and getting ready. Goods are stored and handled in a safe weather-proof storage facility or, if necessary, in secure hard-surfaced exterior storage areas. It has been noted that during the past several years, logistics expansion in India has accelerated along with rising demand for transportation and storage services.

As the location where items are maintained and held before being transported to their destination, storing has been performing a significant role in the logistics business. You can rely on Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics without any doubt. We are a cutting-edge company that offers warehouse services to clients throughout India.

India’s top warehousing solution

Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics, often known as the hub of warehouses, is a massive system located strategically close to the major ports and transportation hubs in India. Modern technology and secure infrastructures are guaranteed to be used for the administration and storage of the items in the warehouses. This organization excels at warehouse services including shipping, handling, and storage.

Storage Services

Customers of Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics have access to temperature-controlled and atmospheric storage facilities. The warehouses are made to contain a variety of commodities, including perishable items and potentially harmful chemicals. We also provide clients with the management of inventory services. Keep track of their products and ensure they are delivered on schedule.

Handling Services

In this business, a group of specialists are trained and proficient in handling various commodities. The team makes sure that the items are dealt with securely and effectively by utilizing the most recent tools and technology. Additionally offering additional services like packing, labeling, and repackaging Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics.

Delivery Services

Customers all around India can choose from a variety of shipping solutions provided by Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics. To deliver items from the warehouse to the customer’s location, the firm provides a variety of vehicles simultaneously.


The business also provides final-mile delivery solutions to make sure the products arrive at the customer’s door. One of the top warehouse companies in India, Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics operates a variety of warehouses around the nation. It provides its clients with a network of solutions encompassing handling, storage, and shipping, as well as cutting-edge warehouse facilities.

Their warehouse services are made to effectively manage their supply chain, lower costs, and accelerate delivery. With its advantageous location, qualified staff, and value-added services, Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics is the ideal partner for your enterprises if you’re seeking for dependable warehouse services in India.

There are several services provided by Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics’ Warehousing & cargo handling. The services are open & closed warehousing available, DPD (Direct Port Delivery), Facility available, Insurance & cargo secured area, Labour available, 24X7 CCTC camera & security available, equipment such as reach stackers, forklift, hydras available, own fleet of vehicles.

Additionally, Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics specializes in managing hazardous cargo and refrigerated containers. To manage such cargo, we have the most contemporary machinery, tools, and technology. We have boxes that are 20 feet and 40 feet long, which are ideal for all the perishable things.