Shipping is one of the oldest surviving professions since the dawn of humankind. Ship owners have made a great contribution to the deliveries of goods such as food and medicine. In most cases, deliveries were made by shipping multiple types of goods from multiple vendors in the same cargo vessel.
In modern times, this type of shipping service is known as NVOCC service or Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier. And there’s nobody better than the best NVOCC company in Mumbai or more affectionately known as Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics Group.

With over 70 years of shipping and logistics experience, Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics Group leverages the potential & power of automation, manual inputs, and 360-degree shipping solutions that fit your brand’s unique needs and goals.

No matter what you need to be shipped & how quickly, Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics Group has all your needs fulfilled. With their NVOCC services, get connected to our shipping lines & global network to manage your supply chain in a safe, timely, and economical manner.

Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics Group offers excellent NVOCC services, such as:

•Inventory of 500 TEUs

• A mix of Dry van and Reefer Containers

•20 feet and 40 feet containers are available

• Calling ports for the middle east & south-east Asia

•Specialization in Hazardous & Perishable goods

• Customised shipping plans according to brand needs

• Reduced risk of spoilage, leaks and loss of cargo

With Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics Group and their NVOCC services in Mumbai, all your shipping & supply chain worries can rest easy.