In India, it has been observed that the growth of logistics increased over the past few years, high with the high range of demands in warehousing and transportation services also. In the industry of logistics, warehousing has been playing as the crucial role, as it is the place where goods are managed and stored before it goes for the transportation to their destination. In India, with no doubt you can rely on the top leading warehousing services and i.e., Fulcrum Shipping and logistics, a state-of-the-art, who have facilities of warehousing to customers across the country.

Best Warehousing service in India

Fulcrum shipping and logistics, also known to be the hub of warehouses which comes with large network all over in India, who are situated with strategies, near to the main ports and transportation. The storage and management of the goods are ensured to be equipped in the warehouses with the latest technology and safe infrastructure. Services like storage, handling and distribution are provided effectively in warehousing by this company.

Storage Services

Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics offers an ambient and temperature –controlled storage facilities to its customers. The warehouses are designed to shelter different types of goods, from perishable goods to dangerous chemicals. We also offers the inventory management services, which help customers. Keep a track of their goods and makes sure of delivering goods within the time.

Handling Services

A group of professionals are trained and skilled in handling different types of goods in this company. With the use of latest technology and equipment, the team ensures that the goods are handled safely and efficiently. Fulcrum Shipping and logistics also provides value-added services such as packing, labelling and repackaging.

Distribution Services

Fulcrum Shipping and logistics offers a wide range of service in distribution to customers across India. The company supply with all kinds vehicles together at the same time to transport goods from the warehouse to the customer’s destination. To ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer’s doorstep, the company offers last-mile delivery services too. Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics is one of the leading warehousing service in India, with a wide range of warehouses all over the country. It offers state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and a network of services to their customers that includes handling, storage, and distribution. Their warehousing services are designed to regulate their supply chain efficiently, reduce costs, and improve delivery times. Fulcrum Shipping and logistics is the right partner for your businesses that you are looking a reliable warehousing services in India, with its strategic location, trained professionals, and value-added services.