The history of mankind is a long one with many milestone discoveries and inventions that have made us into the global network of economies today. When compared to humankind’s first few thousand years, we have developed trading and transportation technologies that would have been seen as nothing short of magic.

The timeline of transportation technologies is roughly summed up in these broad stages:

• Hand carts without wheels

• Hand carts with wheels

• Animal-drawn cargo

• Carriage boats

• Large brigs with a wooden hull

• British Steam Railways

• British Steam power ships

• Modern rail cargo networks

• Modern sea cargo networks

• Modern trucking industry

• Modern air cargo networks

However, transportation as an essential service to lakhs of businesses across the world cannot function without impeccable logistics to support it.

Transportation Logistics is the central pillar of all global and local trade- from the shipping dock to the consumers.


With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group, your transportation logistics woes, complexities, headaches, and worries can rest easy. Since the world economy functions on seamless movement of goods across the world with no margin for error, businesses are always required to maintain a process that works through all stages- from the factory to the customer’s doorstep.

Every entrepreneur in the import & export business needs to comply with every global trade regulation and movement, or else the end goal of establishing a dominant global presence is cut short. Pre-determined dispatch and docking points create the most efficient and economical travel routes for transportation which helps boost your business and supply chain ahead. We change our logistics strategies alongside the changing global trade regulations; we are flexible to craft the most effective supply-chain solutions.

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