EXIM Movements

In apparel supply chains, the role of Logistics is undergoing a tremendous change in its approach to adopting best practices. As it is mandatory for organizations to be aligned with the global regulations and movements, it is imperative for merchandisers and business managers to be aware of the core documented EXIM (Export Import) procedures and its impact on order lead time.

Domestic movements – ( Route of Mumbai – Delhi )

Under the new convention, domestic workers are entitled to the same basic rights as those available to other workers, including weekly days off, limits to hours of work, minimum wage coverage, overtime compensation, social security, and clear information on the terms and conditions of employment.

Specialists in Reefer 40 ft container movements

Reefer shipping containers start life as standard ISO shipping containers – either 20ft or 40ft long, they are then lined out on the inside and flooring is added. To cool the cargo that is stored in the reefer container the flooring is a specially designed ‘T-Shape’ that allows cool air to flow up through the floor circulate around the container

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