Air freight also known as Air Cargo, is a mode of transport used to transport cargo by air. Air freight is the most valuable form of transport for shipping and transporting goods in the fastest time around the world. Air Cargo is shipped through the same gateway as passenger or commercial airlines. Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics offers international cargo services in India that are not only consumer-friendly but also cost-effective at the same time.
Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics fastest Air cargo services in Mumbai has got you covered whether you’re searching for a quick fix to address fluctuations in demand or an alternative route to get around disruption. We provide a dependable range of services that assist you in locating the best option for time-sensitive goods. Utilize Standard Air Freight, Air Charter, and Sea-Air Services to keep your cargo moving.

There are two types of Air Cargo:

•General Cargo: This type of cargo contains high-value cargo like Pharmaceuticals, jewellery and electronics

• Special Cargo: Preferred type of transporting under special conditions such as temperature control, air conditions and special casing in case of hazardous goods or livestock.

Benefits of Air Freight:

• TIME: Transporting goods with airfreight saves time as it is much faster than shipping, rail or road transport.

• RELIABLE: Flights generally have reliable arrival and departure times with very few delays, so the shipment of cargo is very likely to arrive on time.

• SECURE: The shipment of cargo by air is tightly managed by security, so the chance of cargo being stolen or damaged is low.

• LESS WAREHOUSING REQUIREMENTS: The clearance time for air freights is fast and there is generally less stock to unload which makes clearance fast resulting in less warehousing requirements.

Your supply chain is under a lot of pressure to produce as global demands can shift quickly. In order to find the proper balance of speed, affordability, and frequency of flights to meet your supply chain needs, Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics offers a variety of solutions.

We at Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics offer reliable and efficient air freight forwarding & air cargo services in India throughout the world, with an excellent network of operators to ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery of goods to the desired destination.