Shipping has been a mainstay for all of humankind for thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians and Romans to the wooden brigs of the European kingdoms of the industrial era, humanity has come very far in terms of the development of shipping technologies and cargo transportation methodologies. Although the technologies have changed, one of the major concerns of shipment and cargo transport business owners is how shipping companies charge for their services. Overseas export-import business owners often wonder about the shipping costs in India when adding a new link to their growing global supply chain & it all depends on your shipping and logistics partner based in India, for instance: Ask your shipping partner how much do shipping companies charge in India or simply enquire about the shipping costs in India from the best shipping company in India.
The shipping costs in India often come economically when you choose Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group. There are many benefits that we provide to give you the maximum result for our shipping costs in India to reinvigorate your supply chain strength, efficiency, and speed.

Our Warehousing Management Software helps us in easily tracking the consignments both inside the warehouses and at the container terminals. All our warehouses are controlled by centralized IP systems, which are monitored 24/7. We also offer EXIM and ODC parcel buffers, until the ship is scheduled. Our team strives to keep your assets at our warehouse safe and sees to it that from the day your cargos enter our warehouse to its delivery, the whole process works smoothly.

The benefits you get from our shipping costs in India include:

• Economical, when compared to how other shipping companies charge

• Speedy and timely deliveries

• Extra measures to ensure cargo safety

• Marine insurance is available to secure the financial value of your cargo

• Secure warehousing facilities available for packing, sorting, and re-routing

• In-house cargo and container moving equipment available such as forklifts, hydras, and more

Never let your business settle for less- when you have the perfect shipping partner in Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group. We enable your business to get the most affordable shipping costs in India.


We help you break free of how shipping companies charge with our expert shipping and logistics services that help us reduce your shipping costs in India. With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group, lower your shipping costs in India as well as create the perfect supply chain ecosystem for your brand.