A port is a site on a coast or a coastline where one or more harbours where ships may land and people or commodities can be moved from one point to another. In simple words, a port is a maritime facility comprising of loading areas where ships load and discharge passengers or commodities.

The following are the different types of ports in shipping:

• INLAND PORT: Any port located in a navigable lake, river or canal that has access to the sea or ocean and can allow any ship or freight to sail from the ocean to the port to either load or unload its freight is called an inland port. Inland ports are typically called maintained for cargo stocking and dispatching but they are occasionally made open to passengers as well.

• FISHING PORT: Fishing ports are frequently marketable ports that are primarily used to recreational or aesthetic purposes. An inland port or a seaport can be both used as a fishing port. They are primarily associated with commercial sector.

• DRY PORT: Inland terminals that can be connected to a seaport via road or rail transportation facilities are known as dry ports. They are primarily used for transhipment to inland destinations. A dry port has all the essential equipment to manage continuous shipment clearance.

• SEA PORT: Sea ports are the most prevalent types of ports used for commercial shipping activities around the world. These ports are built on water and can accommodate both small and large vessels. Sea ports are divided into three categories:

i. CRUISE PORTS: It specializes in cruise ship activities and provides a platform for passengers to board and disembark cruise ships at the start or end of their excursions.

ii. PORT OF CALL: A port of call is a type of port where a ship makes a brief stop on its way somewhere. It is also used to perform routine maintenance.

iii. CARGO PORTS: These ports operate in accordance with the cargo they handle, and the amenities supplied vary from port to port.

List of major ports in India

The nine coastal states of India—Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu—are home to all of the country’s ports. India’s extensive coastline is one of the largest pieces of land that protrudes into a body of water. The nation’s thirteen largest ports handle a substantial amount of container and cargo traffic.

The ports of Mumbai, Kandla, Mangalore, JNPT, Mormugao, and Cochin are located on the west coast. The ports in Chennai, Tuticorin, Visakhapatnam, Paradip, Kolkata, and Ennore are located on the east coast. The government owns a 68% share in Ennore, the final corporation, which is registered as a public business. Port Blair can be found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. India’s largest natural port is at Mumbai.

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