Scientists estimate the rapid flourishment of humankind was caused by 5 major discoveries or inventions, they are- the wheel, the fire, agriculture, shipping, and management of trade i.e. logistics. 

All of these inventions and discoveries led to many greater inventions and discoveries, for instance, the wheel led to the invention of road vehicles, fire led to the discovery of safe cooking methods, agriculture led to the development of societies, shipping led to the growth of established tribes and societies and logistics led to the long-term viability of shipping. To understand how logistics play into the long-term viability of shipping, we must know what is inbound logistics, what is outbound logistics, and how inbound and outbound logistics give rise to seamless shipping.

What is Logistics? Logistics is simply a series of highly detailed organization, execution, contingency planning as well as cost-reduction activities that help an organization save time, money, and risks when transporting goods from one location to another in the supply chain or to the end consumer.

With over 70 years of experience in inbound logistics, outbound logistics as well as shipping management, Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group ensures your supply chain needs, wants and requirements are always met on time, with reduced cost and maximized profitability. With an extensive network of sea freight, air freight as well as inbound and outbound logistics services, Fulcrum Shipping and Logistics Group create the best platform for all businesses to get the best from their supply chain and grow exponentially.


Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics is the place you want to choose to create functional, optimized, and scalable supply chains for your business. By creating the best inbound logistics plan and combining it with the most optimized outbound logistics route, we help you scale your business supply chains for maximum business growth.

Lay rest to bad inbound and outbound logistics woes with our expert services:

• Truck Transportation

• Inbound Logistics

• Outbound Logistics

• Rail Transportation

• Warehousing

• Customized Transport plans

• Cargo Insurance

• 3PL services

• Intermodal Transport Connectivity

• Door-to-Door transport

• Warehousing

• Global Regulations Compliant

• Easy EXIM and Domestic movements

• Labour law compliant

• Direct Port Delivery (DPD) access

Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group enables your business to optimize inbound logistics, create profitability from outbound logistics, saving precious time with customization of our exclusive features of inbound and outbound logistics and resources specifically suited for your business plans.