Sea trading has always been the bedrock of human trade for many thousands of years. However, it has never existed independently- Land transportation has always been the legs of the Shipping, Logistics, and Transportation industry.

with them carrying goods on their backs or on horses and elephants after they were shipped by boats in ancient times.

In the modern, transportation is an inalienable element of every nation’s functioning. It is a fact that all of our daily items from food to soap to cars, everything is brought to us via land transportation services such as trucks and rail. Today, land transportation has evolved to a stage where it’s crucial for every industry including commerce, fashion, food, entertainment, and educational material in the world.

One of the largest arteries for supply chain management, whether it be for manufacturing or markets- exists because of a robust transportation system.

With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group, your supply chain woes can rest safely, economically & quickly to de-tangle your supply chain. With our vast and interconnected network of transportation expertise, we formulate the roadmap for business-friendly and profit-friendly travel routes for the fastest delivery in the most economical way possible. We own and operate sealed, secured & temperature-controlled truck containers for all perishable & hazardous goods.


Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics is hailed as one of the oldest and legacy shipping and logistics companies for businesses and manufacturers across India. By pre-planning and using a combination of our cargo services, we create transportation solutions tailor-made for your business.
We are the only solution to all your shipping & logistics woes with our logistics services:

• Truck Transportation

• Rail Transportation

• Warehousing

• Customised Transport plans

• Cargo Insurance

• 3PL services

• Intermodal Transport Connectivity

• Door-to-Door transport

• Warehousing

• Global Regulations Compliant

• Easy EXIM and Domestic movements

• Labour law compliant

• Direct Port Delivery (DPD) access

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