For the major part of human history, humans have found many innovative ways to produce and carry goods from one part of the globe to another. In ancient times, many methods of shipping and logistics came from physically carrying goods on their backs to carrying it in animal-drawn carts to using hollow wooden logs to today’s massive cargo ships, planes, and trucks.

In the modern era, shipping and logistics has become the central pillar of every nation’s economy. Nearly all the global supply chain for any product is shipped and transported where logistical planning takes the key role. Today, shipping and logistics have undergone rapid evolution to reach the criticality where it’s crucial for every industry both governmental and private across the world.

For a business, how it chooses its shipping & logistics companies’ route such as ships, planes, trucks, rail cargo or any combination of them is one of the most crucial decision points for its supply chain, whether it is for manufacturing or for markets. With other brands’ below-average services, your supply chains, as well as your revenue, are not in good hands.

With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group, your supply chain worries can rest easy. With our network of shipping and logistics experts, we map out the most efficient and effective path to make every shipment’s delivery in the timeliest, and cost-effective way possible. We provide these services using a multitude of methods by combining different shipping & logistics techniques to make the process as smooth & tension-free as possible.


Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics is one of the prime shipping and logistics companies catering to businesses of all sizes and types across India. By planning and customizing cargo routes, we create solutions tailored to boost your supply chain management.

We are the only solution to all your shipping & logistics roadblocks with our expert services:

  • Cargo Shipping
  •  360-degree logistics solutions
  • Truck Transportation
  • Rail Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Customized Transport plans
  • Cargo Insurance
  • 3PL services
  • Intermodal Transport Connectivity
  • Door-to-Door transport
  •  Warehousing
  •  Global Regulations Compliant
  • Easy EXIM and Domestic movements
  • Labor law compliant
  • Direct Port Delivery (DPD) access.

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