A major part of humankind’s history was spent discovering and crafting new ways to travel across land and well as the seas. When the first humans began establishing the first tribes, they needed a way to transport food, water, and building materials over the seas to trade with other tribes in a barter exchange. Over tens of thousands of years, humans developed their shipping methods. Going from hand-made rafts to oar-operated canoes of Ancient Egypt to the wooden brigs of pre-industrial era England to the modern-day shipping vessels- humanity has progressed in terms of shipping methods.

While it may seem like modern-era shipping vessels operate with maximum efficiency, it is not true for most international container shipping companies. Most international container shipping companies today focus on speed of delivery, which leads to damaged or lost cargo, non-compliance with international regulations, and more. With Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group, shipping and logistics have evolved to reach the skill, cargo care, absolute policy compliance, and marine insurance where it has become important for every company both big and small throughout the interconnected world.

For a business, land transportation such as truck and rail cargo is one of most critical arteries for their supply chain, whether it be for manufacturing or markets. With other brands’ below-average services, your cargo & your revenue are never truly safe or economical.

For any business depending upon a constant and consistent flow in their supply, any delay or supply chain disruption can be completely devastating for the business. International container shipping companies across the world miss out on many important parts of supply chain management for their clients such as cargo safety, marine insurance, on-dock warehousing and storage, and much more.

Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics Group is among the best veteran international container shipping companies in India. With their expertise and network of shipping experts, the entire map to a truly profitable and equitable supply chain is laid out.


Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics is one of the best international container shipping companies which caters to businesses of all kinds and sizes. By strategizing and hand-picking shipping maps, we create shipping solutions to boost your supply chain.

We are the only solution to all your shipping & logistics roadblocks with our expert services:

• Cargo Shipping

• 360-degree logistics solutions

• Truck Transportation

• Rail Transportation

• Warehousing

• Customized Transport plans

• Cargo Insurance

• 3PL services

• Intermodal Transport Connectivity

• Door-to-Door transport

• Warehousing

• Global Regulations Compliant

• Easy EXIM and Domestic movements

• Labor law compliant

• Direct Port Delivery (DPD) access

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