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Yard Activities

Suffing/ De stuffing of Exim Cargo

Stuffing means ‘loading’ goods in to container or any other mode for export. Once after moving cargo to Container freight station or load port, the cargo will be unloaded in warehouse.De-stuffing means ‘unloading’ cargo either from container or any other mode. Wherever you find the word ‘de-stuffing’ that means ‘unloading’ of cargo.

Import Buffer

Bulk Buffer is a free service, which would be imported into your Buffer queue. Once imported, all the updates from your CSV will be loaded on the page.

Reefer Plug Point

Industrial plugs they are connected to power supply, also in a harbour, which enable the temperature control. First-time travellers to foreign countries may only find out when confronted with the problem of trying to plug their razor or hair-dryer into a socket with an unsuitable configuration, like pounding a square peg into a round hole.

Warehousing and Storage

FSL is also operating a container yard in JNPT area and servicing EXIM trade seamlessly. Terminal is having sound infrastructure and trained manpower to effectively handle general cargo, ISO tank containers, reefer plug point facility and ODC parcels buffer. There is an averagehanding of over 3000 TEUs per month in our yard.

Strategically located around 7 kms from JNPT Port

JNPT, which currently functions as a trust, had been plagued by protests from unions against the proposal to corporatise the port.The biggest advantage that we hold once we corporatise is that we will be able to leverage on our existing assets. No firm can progress if it cannot leverage on its assets to raise more money .

Top of the line infrastructure with Paver blocks and CCTV cameras

There’s been an explosion of increasingly sophisticated IP (internet protocol) cameras – and in this guide to the best of CCTV and security camera, we’ve covered the smartest smart cameras on the market. You won’t find any analogue closed-circuit TV systems here, and instead of complex centralised IP systems, we have chosen decentralised devices that are equally effective on their own as they are in a pack.

Yard management allows all your movements and activities as well as the relevant status tracking within and beyond your plant premises to be coordinated can make your yard management as efficient as possible and thus enable operational processes, such as loading and unloading, taking into account the capacity and modes of transport available.

◉ Own inventory of 40 and 20 Ft Containers

◉ Own Inventory of 40 and 20 Ft Reefer Containers

◉ Own Fleet of Trailers only 40 Feet

◉ Own Reachstackers and Forklifts at Yard