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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was developed by the company to show how seriously it takes customer privacy. Our top priority is maintaining your privacy. In order for you to understand how we collect, utilise, transmit, disclose, and otherwise make use of such personal information, we have prepared this Policy. Here is a summary of our privacy practises.

  • • We will specify the purposes for information collection before or at the time personal information is collected.

  • • Unless we have the approval of the individual in question or as required by law, we will only gather and use personal information for the purposes indicated by us and for other compatible ones.

  • • We only save personal data for as long as it's required to accomplish those goals.

  • • When appropriate, we will use authorised and ethical methods to obtain personal information with the knowledge or consent of the individual in question.

  • • Personal information must be pertinent to the purposes for which it is revealed to us and used, as well as accurate, complete, and current at the time of disclosure to the extent required for those purposes.

  • • When it comes to situations that are within our control, we shall protect personal information by taking reasonable security precautions against loss or theft as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copy, use, or alteration.

  • • Information regarding our rules and practises for the management of personal information will be easily accessible to customers.

  • • If you ever decide that you no longer want us to keep your personal information, please let us know in writing so that we can remove it from our database. If we remove your information in this situation, you will need to provide new information if you want to use our services in the future.